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Protection Ranges

F1 - Maximum Protection

Our top-of-the-line covers, the F1 range, feature an extremely durable, abrasion-resistant, and water repellent 1,000 Denier nylon Cordura exterior, and a lightweight, yet impact-resistant foam inner barrier, bonded to a soft, non-damaging tricot lining. This line provides the maximum protection, shock resilience, and ease-of-use available in padded covers. Our F1 range is durable enough to stand up to the roughest local crews and countless truck packs, and is far and away the most popular choice among sound re-enforcement companies and speaker manufacturers alike.

Our F1 covers are all available in the widest range of standard colors in the industry, including charcoal grey, navy blue, royal blue, red, maroon, purple, hunter green, brown, and, of course, basic black!

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F2 – Midrange Protection

Our F2 covers present an economical, yet still protective, alternative to our top-of-the-line F1 range. Our F2 covers are constructed in an identical manner to our F1 covers. Like the F1 range, F2 covers feature a nearly indestructible 1,000 denier Cordura nylon exterior that is coated for water repellency, with a protective ¼” foam padding bonded to the same nylon tricot lining used in the F1. F2 covers are the ideal choice for DJ’s, musicians, weekend warriors, or in any situation where the absolute maximum protection is not required. F2 covers are also available in the same wide range of standard colors as the F1 range.

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F3000 – Light Protection

The F-3000 range of felt-lined covers is a popular choice for musical instruments with a furniture-type finish, specifically, pianos and organs.
All our covers are made to order, assuring a tight, neat fit. This also allows the customer to specify particular features. We also offer a wide range of color selection, and options such as logo embroidery, or patches, making our covers truly unique, and custom in every sense of the word.


  • Felt-lined
  • Tight, neat fit
  • Logo embroidery, or patches

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SPF 98 – Heat and Light Protection

The SPF98 is an extremely lightweight cover that repels an astounding 98% of all thermal and luminescent energy – heat and light. This range of covers was designed for equipment that is used outdoors in the heat of summer. No matter how bright the sun is, no matter how oppressive the ambient temperature may be, your consoles and amp racks will remain calm, cool, and collected when they’re protected with our SPF98 covers!

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FS/W – Sound Trans./Weather Res.

Our newest covers, the FS/W range may well be the one product that revolutionizes the cover industry. These covers are nothing short of remarkable: Extremely water resistant, and sound transparent! With FS/W covers from Under Cover on your speakers, your days of weather-related worry are over. Let Mother Nature give you everything she’s got, because your speakers will remain safe, dry, and protected, while still delivering the pristine sound your clients have come to expect. These covers have been field tested for durability, water resistancy, and sound transparency, and, perhaps best of all, they are comparably priced with our other speaker covers. Let it rain!

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F3 - Economy

Our unpadded F3 covers provide an economical, yet efficient alternative to our padded F1 and F2 lines. These covers are made with 1,000 Denier nylon Cordura, and every bit as durable as our industry standard F1 covers. They also come in the same wide array of colors, and ship with the same unconditional lifetime warranty, proving that inexpensive does not mean cheap! Our space-saving F3 covers are equally adept at covering vintage amps in a recording studio, or covering a section of box truss in a warehouse.

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