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Under Cover is unique in our industry, in that we offer a myriad of options to make your bags and covers truly unique. Some of these options include:

Colors: Please see our colors page for our wide array of standard colors, the broadest selection in the business.

Cable Pocket: A zippered pocket, usually affixed to the side of a bag or cover. Generally, these pockets are 10” x 10” x 2”, more than large enough to hold an AC cable, effects pedal, and guitar cable. Custom size pockets, however, are always available

Understrap: A Velcro-secured strap that locks your cover onto your cabinet during transport. Simple, yet effective!

Rigid Insert: An unyielding insert that is sewn into the cover, between the exterior and the interior padding. These inserts are ideal for supplying added protection for speaker grills, guitar amps, carry bags, etc

Shoulder Strap: Throw lighter items over your shoulder, and free up your hands to carry an amp rack!