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Check out our new padded accessories pouches, perfect for protecting and transporting cables, mic's, headphones--and more! Finished with a durable zip closure.

 9.5 x 9.5" padded accessories pouch  $ 15.00

We usually have a few stray bags and custom covers lying around the shop – prototypes, samples, pieces that may have been made in the wrong color, that kind of thing. These custom bags are all brand new and unused, but they take up space, and we need to get rid of ‘em, so we sell ‘em cheap. Which is good for you. Here's what we currently have in overstock:


JBL PRX 718 1 w/ caster kit, F1 1/2" padded cover, Burgundy $ 130.00 $  25.00

Mackie Thump  TH-12a 

2 Old Model, F2, 1/4" padded cover, Burgundy $110.00 $25.00
Yorkville PSA1s (sub) 1 F1 padded cover, black $ 145.00 $  25.00